SegSea as Percy and familly

SegSea as Percy and familly

We introduce you Percy and his pretty family.

Longstanding friend of the Family SegSea, Percy, video game concepteur, is newly ambassador of our vests with the pretty small family composed of Livia and Raphael. Amateur of breakdancing, of Capoiera, of electronic music, he shares its passions with its two minis.

Smiling, kind and always gifts for their friends, our splendid small family will not have had him easy in 2020 because nice Livia of 4 years in had a diagnostic of a rare form of encephalitis. To put a little of joy and légèrté in their summer, we gave them vests Miami and we will give vests 10 % sales of Miami for adults or children in foundation XXXX.

Health and the sun!


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