The SegSea Community

Once upon a time, the Seguin-Simard family lived in the beautiful small village of Verchères, situated right on the edge of the Saint-Lawrence river.

Here, we spend all summer in our swimsuits. We’re always ready for any water activities whether its aquatic sports, jumping in a pool or a water fight. Our days almost always end with a barbecue party with all our friends.

We’re fashionistas and that is why we wanted our bathing suits to reflect our lifestyle and personalities.

Therefore, our ultimate wish was to find bathing suits that were comfortable enough to be in all day and fashionable all at the same time. Our lifestyle is what inspired the mom, Marie-Josianne Seguin, to create SegSea, a brand that combines fashion and comfort in order to better enjoy our summer days. She wanted to make sure that her three handsome men stay sexy, fashionable and comfortable throughout the summer.

Segsea is more than just a brand! For us, summer is a time of joy, parties and festivals and most importantly, a time when we can get together with family and friends. SegSea is a community of people, of all ages, who are not afraid to express themselves nor of breaking their routine to have some adventures.

The SegSea community is filled with people like our family, the Seguin-Simard.


  1. A road trip in a WestFalia along the West Coast of the US.
  2. Organize an epic music festival on the beach
  3. Go backpacking across Latin America and make memorable encounters in the hostels.
  4. Drink a ginger beer on a beach in Australia
  5. A yoga retreat in Thailande.


“Dream it, then make it happen.”

Peace, Love & Sun

SegSea Vest Bath