The SegSea

Once upon a time there was a small family from Verchères, a village on the banks of St. Lawrence River. “We spend the summer here in swim trunks. We are always ready to jump into the pool, run around in the sprinklers or play water sports”. We are fashionistas and our swim trunks must reflect our lifestyle and personalities. Finding comfortable and trendy swim trunks was always a challenge. So it was Mom, Marie-Josianne Seguin, who created SegSea for the pleasure of seeing her 3 handsome men staying sexy, fashionable and comfortable throughout the summer.

But SegSea is more than a brand, SegSea is also a community of people who are not afraid to assert themselves, people for whom pleasure has no age, people who are not afraid to break the routine and live an adventure, the SegSea are people like us,
the Seguins-Simards

1) A trip in "WestFalia" on the west coast of the States.
2) Organize a music festival with friends on a nice beach, with the kids, why not!
3) Do an adventure in Latin America, take advantage of superb youth hostels to make memorable encounters.
4) Drink a ginger beer on an Australian beach.
5) A 3 month yoga retreat in Thailand.

"Dream it, then make it happen"
Peace, Love & Sun

SegSea Maillot Bain